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Hey, I'm Emily!

traveling has taught me the importance of capturing all the important - big and small - moments to look back on years later

love capturing those truly candid moments. The kind of photos that put you right back in the moment five, ten, fifty years later.

I'm a North Carolina-based photographer that will travel wherever you want to document your story! I'm constantly exploring in my hiking boots with laid back couples that want to capture genuine moments about their relationship.

When I'm not taking pictures, you can usually find me hiking, watching sitcoms, drinking smoothies, or taking a spontaneous trip.

the experience

Eloping is meant to be an actual experience for a couple to
focus solely on them and to celebrate their marriage.

I think it's equally important to have an entire day to celebrate and capture your marriage, just like you would a traditional wedding. You only have one wedding day to look back on for the rest of your life. Think about that: on your anniversary, you're going to think back to this day and how you celebrated it. Eloping is an incredible opportunity to get to plan the adventure of a lifetime to celebrate this new season of life with your partner.


You deserve to have an entire day
celebrating you and your marriage, just like any other couple.

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