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All-Day Elopement Timeline Example

Updated: Feb 5

Firstly, what is an elopement? The word "elopement" use to mean people getting hitched in an Elvis chapel in Vegas or running away with the love of your life because your love was "forbidden". Ok, maybe that's a little dramatic, but I promise that elopements have come a long way from those old and dated beliefs!

So. What is an elopement? Today, eloping means an actual experience for a couple getting married to celebrate their marriage and their relationship. It's meant to be a low stress day and could potentially include a small number of family and friends (usually 10-40 guests) with the day focusing entirely on the couple and their relationship.

To me, as the photographer, elopements are a huge honor to get to capture because not many other people are in attendance. Sometimes, I'm the only person in attendance capturing photos of the couple and their elopement experience. However, I think it's equally important to have an entire day to celebrate and capture your marriage, just like I would a traditional wedding. You only get married once; you only have one wedding day to look back on for the rest of your life. Think about that: on your anniversary, you're going to think back to your day and how you celebrated it. Do you really just want to go to the courthouse, get a few photos taken for an hour, and call it a day? Or do you want to do something fun and create an entire day that is entirely perfect for you and your fiance, that truly represents your relationship, and makes you smile every time you think or talk about your wedding day? I don't want you to look back 10, 15, 50 years from now and regret your short 2-hour elopement shoot and that's how you remember your entire day. You deserve to have an entire day celebrating you and your fiance and your marriage.

You could choose to elope in the mountains, by the beach, or in a city. It's completely up to you and your fiancé whether you choose a sentimental place to read your vows and explore or if you choose a place on your bucket list to explore and commit your life together.

So, let's get into it. Here's an example of a full-day 13 hour elopement -- because you deserve an entire day to celebrate getting married.

Alex & Cameren

Asheville, NC | 10.28.2021

Getting Ready Location: Alex and Kamryn's rustic Airbnb

Ceremony Location: Mountain top in Blue Ridge Parkway

Additional Portrait Location: lookouts, brewery, sunset mountain views

Meal/Celebration Location: picnic lunch at park and dinner at brewery

8:30am -

  • wake up, coffee, light breakfast & being together in dimly-lit common area

  • getting ready - separate rooms

9:45am -

  • emotional first-look & private moment

10:30am -

  • leave - travel in Jeep to trail

10:45am -

  • arrive and drive with Jeep on trail

11:30am -

  • vows, first kiss, portraits at top of mountain before heading back down

  • On the way down, stopping for portraits at lookouts

12:30pm -

  • Head to town park -taking scenic route with Jeep


  • picnic brunch, mimosas, cake/donuts, music, first dance, private moments

2:00pm -

  • (travel time included) head to private brewery for portraits with beautiful views, open fields, rolling hills, small pond with canoes

  • 30-35 of the closest friends and family meet here to join for toast, feast, photos, and little dancing

4:45pm -

  • Dinner is served to everyone

7:00pm -

  • wildflower send off

7:10pm -

  • Couple leaves for trail for a sunset hike (about 1.5 miles roundtrip)

7:30 pm -

  • Arrive at trailhead, begin hike

7:50pm -

  • Get to top of mountain, take portraits, and champagne pop

8:30-40pm -

  • Sun starts going down, start hike back to parking lot

9:15pm -

  • Couple and photographer part for night, couple gets ready for honeymoon

Your wedding story is meant to be told for years to come. This is a day meant for you to relax, be flexible, and simply soak in the fact that you're getting married to your partner surrounded by and celebrating with your closest friends and family - while still staying authentic to yourselves. For the rest of your life, you'll be able to smile look back on your wedding with a smile thinking about the wild adventure you went on together.

That is personally my favorite part of the job - capturing your authentic love. I want you to be able to relive these moments and emotions over and over again. So if you're down the ultimate adventure of a lifetime (because marriage is meant to be an adventure!) and for photos to authentically capture you and your love story, reach out to me here.

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