• Emily Bean

Dear COVID-19 Wedding Couples

Usually, most couples have to worry about rain on their wedding day or making sure their timeline is perfect. But in 2020, couples are more worried about whether they can even HAVE their wedding they’ve been planning the past several months (sometimes even for over a year!). These have been some weird and crazy times for sure!!

Firstly, just remember that you're not alone. It certainly sucks that you either have to scrap your original plans or reschedule for next year or not have everyone you want to celebrate with you or all of the above. But take comfort in knowing that you are not alone; thousands of other engaged couples are going through the very same thing right now.

Some options you have so that you can make the best out of the whole COVID-19 situation is:

-Elope now and have a big party later next year (hopefully...)

-Completely reschedule your wedding to 2021 or 2022

-Elope and celebrate just the 2 of you/with a small group!

-Livestream/Zoom your wedding with all your guests

COVID sucks for obvious reasons, especially when it ruins big moments. But at the end of the day, ALL that matters is that you’re married to your best friend - whether it’s this year planned a bit differently than your original plans or it’s next year exactly as you had imagined. There is NO shame in whatever option you choose, as long as you choose something that makes YOU and your partner happy and keeps everyone healthy.

Anyone have any more “corona wedding” tips? What’s a unique story you’ve experienced or heard about with all going on?

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