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Updated: May 22, 2020

JUST A REMINDER THAT LIFE DOES GET BETTER AND THAT YOU ARE LOVED!!! This time a year ago, I was so sad/lonely/lost/etc. and really I just wanted to give up with this whole college/adult gig. But lately,pretty much exactly a year later, I've been super happy!!! Of course, I still have my own problems to deal with and my life truly is far from perfect, and yet at the same time, life is still so good. So if you're struggling right now, please remember that life is constantly changing and that things WILL get better. Maybe not by the end of the day or even by the end of the month, but eventually life will be so good again and it will be so worth the struggle and growth. Hang in there.

Shoutout to my friend, Jordan, for the awesome pictures and for quite literally laying on the ground for some of the angles I wanted!! You're awesome!!

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