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The Wild West pt 1 || Las Vegas, Lake Powell, & Horseshoe Bend || Nevada & Utah

Updated: May 22, 2020

So in case you can’t tell, I LOVE traveling. Just everything about it. Flying or driving there, learning about new cultures, seeing new sights, trying new food. Just everything.

My most recent trip was going out to Nevada, Arizona, and Utah with my family. Besides two trips out to California and a very long layover (21.5 hours to be exact) in Seattle, Washington in the past, I haven’t done much exploring out west. So I was pretty dang excited for this trip.

We flew into Las Vegas around 9pm, and spent the night there. Let me just say, Vegas is much more exciting and pretty at night. In the daylight…Vegas looks pretty grungy and dirty. Although I’m sure the city is much more fun when you’re 21+ (next summer!). But that night, we drove and walked around the strip and rode the roller coster outside the New York New York hotel. There were lights EVERYWHERE - on literally every sign including the average CVS or In-n-Out.

The next day, we just drove to Page, Arizona and stayed at a hotel for a night there. It was a pretty long day, but we did stop for some pretty good Mexican food. So no complaints from me.

So….the desert is, like, unreal. I’ve never been to the desert before this trip, and only had pictures to prepare myself on what to expect. But pictures online just aren’t the same as experiencing it in person. It’s so flat but also there’s mountains/huge rocks and everything is yellow or brown and lots of solar panels besides the highway and there’s not nearly as many cacti as I was expecting. And this HEAT. It’s like stepping in an oven; it’s a completely different kind of heat from the high humidity at home. Here, the humidity never reached about 10% (at home the humidity is at least 60%). I love it here.

The next two nights, we spent in a houseboat on Lake Powell! First, Lake Powell is huge and beautiful…and just WOW. Secondly, it was instantly like 10 degrees cooler there compared to the mainland. Meaning it was like 95 degrees and not 105. Thirdly, my family discovered we were not boat people. We’re a pretty outdoorsy, adventurous family - always kayaking, hiking, camping, etc. But we are not boat people. A neighboring boat had to help us dock and undock , and these people pretty much just took over for us and did it much faster and better than us.

We also rented jet skis, which was so much fun to drive. I’d get mine to go up to 60mph, with my lovely sister screaming in my ear. We explored Navajo Canyon and Antelope Canyon on our jet skis, which were both pretty spectacular.

photo credit courtesy of my mom. Notice my sister, brother, and I on the jetski

The same neighboring houseboat that helped us dock/undock offered to let us use there tube on the back of the jet skis. It was so fun!!! Even when I fell off at least 10 times (oops) (I’m not exaggerating) (I have matching rug burns on both of my elbows to prove it).

After we returned the houseboat and jet skis, we drove over to Horseshoe Bend since it was pretty close to the marina. Horseshoe Bend was INCREDIBLE!!! Like seriously, HOW does it just exist…without humans making it…and the colors were so intense…and just wow. Nature is freaking rad.

So, this was the first half of our trip. Part two will be posted soon!

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