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Oahu, Hawaii || Elopement, Couple Sessions, & Portraits

So a lot of people always say they're going to do this or see that, but do a lot of people end up accomplishing these goals? Maybe yes, maybe no. Either way, I've always tried to be one of those people that doesn't back out of my promises and always tries to accomplish my goals. One of my goals for a long time was to seriously get into photography, rather than just mess around with a camera with a few close friends, my dog, or my family on trips.

So, in November 2017, two of my favorite social media influencers, Heather Goodman and Lauren Beeston, posted on Instagram about hosting a 4-day workshop in Oahu, Hawaii. I looked over the application, noticed that the dates matched up perfectly with my spring break, and applied, figuring I'd probably not get in but that it was worth a try. WELL. About a week later, I got an email saying I was accepted and that the first payment was due in ten days!!!??!?! After freaking out and talking about actually affording the trip, my parents (especially my dad) convinced me to just go for it. And that is how I found myself traveling solo (for the first time ever) to Oahu, Hawaii in March 2018.

Honestly, The Wander Workshop is one of my top life changing moments, not to be overdramatic or anything. But like seriously, that week was absolutely ahmazing. I got to meet the two people who have inspired me for YEARS on instagram, along with 20 other girls around my age who had various interests and experiences in photography. I got to explore the mountains and the ocean of Oahu. I got to further learn photography from professionals in real life. LIKE WHAT A DREAM!!!

Below are some of my favorite pictures from the trip. We got to photograph a hike with an incredible view of both the mountains and insanely blue ocean, a model on the beach, a couple in the mountains, and do some underwater photography. On the last day, we went kayaking out to an island in the morning, before some girls and I went out on our own adventure in the afternoon of going to the beach, visiting a fruit stand, and hitch hiking.

*photos of me are taken by Rebecca Moot and Heather Goodman

So, in the spirit of New Years coming up and people setting goals/resolutions, I guess what I'm trying to say with this whole long post is to just follow your dreams! Don't be afraid to dream big, even if it scares you!! Invest in whatever it is that interests you, and spend time practicing it and making it into a reality.

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