• Emily Bean

Seasons of Life

I believe there's 3 seasons of life: seasons of change, seasons of waiting, or seasons of blooming.

This entire year has been one big long mix of both a season of change and a season of waiting.

Whether it’s been because of

👉🏼corona and literally every life change it’s brought (masks, working from home, lockdowns, etc.)

👉🏼going from dating to engaged or engaged to married to your person

👉🏼changing wedding plans to accommodate the ever-changing laws and regulations while keeping everyone you love safe and healthy

👉🏼new jobs, new passions, new sources of income, new responsibilities

For me personally, I

👉🏼went from living in an apartment at college to moving in with my bf to moving back home with my parents in the span of 5 months

👉🏼waited for my bf to come home from his extended mission while taking care of our crazy puppy solo for 3 months

👉🏼have been planning to move to North Carolina for months

👉🏼been trying to figure out my dreams post-grad

And the list goes on.

But the point is, this is only a ✨season✨. Seasons change. COVID-19 won’t be here forever (even if it certainly feels like it some days🙃), just like you won’t always be changing your wedding plans or feeling like the newbie at your new job or whatever it may be that you’re going through. Someday you’ll look back on 2020 and think of all the challenges you have gone through wasn’t as bad, now that you’ve survived it.

And who knows...Maybe by then, you’ll be in a new season of change or a new season of waiting. Or maybe season of blooming.

Who agrees!? Who needed to be reminded of this? 💛

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