• Emily Bean

Ticonderoga, New York // Adirondack Mountains || Couples Session

Last week, I was up visiting family in Upstate New York. Growing up, I use to spend anywhere between a week and 4 weeks in Ticonderoga over the summers - hanging out with my cousins, playing hide n seek in the corn field, eating all of my Grama's raspberries, hiking mountains, feeding the cows with my Grampa, swimming in the lake, and ending my days getting ice cream and talking under the stars. The dream right!? But in the past few years, I've been too busy with work/sports/other travels/etc. to make the 9-hour trip up and spend even a week in Ti. But with COVID-19 and currently being unemployed, I've finally found the time to spend some of my summer in Ti!

With COVID-19 going on and just being in my apartment, the grocery store, or the the park, being up in the mountains was a nice change of pace! I hiked 10-miles up a mountain, spent a lot of time by the pool, explored the barn with Theo my pup (he barked at the cows, who were very unimpressed with him), and spent time with my family. Even though we're mostly all grown up and busy with our own lives now, it was sooo much fun to see my cousins and catch up with them!

I even had managed to make time for a session with my cousin Josh, and his girlfriend, Bonnie. They adopted an Australian Shepard, Nora, earlier this winter, who's only three weeks older than Theo. We had a puppy playdate a few days before, where the pups got to run around the yard and the hay field together which was so cute!

Later that week, we snuck into the cow pasture to take some pictures with the beautiful mountains in the background. We frolicked through the fields, danced in the tall grass, laughed til our bellies hurt, and just had so much fun!!

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