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What to Wear for a Couples Session

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

One of the most common questions I get from couples after they book me is "What do I wear??!??!?" It's so easy to get caught up looking on Pinterest and to get lost looking at alllllll the clothing options. But, first and foremost, you absolutely need to make sure you're staying true to your own style and comfort level. The last thing that should happen is that you wear clothes that you aren't comfortable in, and therefore making you uncomfortable while getting your photos taken. Here's five tips to ensure you look (and feel!!) like your best during your session!


I strongly encourage my couples to wear clothes that are either a solid color or with a subtle, low-key pattern. Avoid the busy patterns! Try to wear neutral colors and earthy tones - like olive green, maroon, navy, tan, black for example. These colors are timeless and will almost always work well in the location you choose to get your photos taken at. The focus of your photos are meant to be about YOU and your significant other, not the busy pattern on your clothes.


Under no circumstances do I honestly recommend you to match your outfits. For example, if you wear a maroon dress, have him wear a navy blue shirt and khakis NOT both wearing navy blue shirts and khakis.


Having layers is the best to have your outfits go a long way during your session. For example, you can wear a cute shirt with a cardigan, along with bringing a jean jacket or a flannel that you can also wear, take off, or tie around your waist later in the session. You can also have a hat or a scarf to throw on and off throughout the session.


I'm alllll about the flowy dresses and skirts to add some moment to your photos. Having your hair down and/or loose is another way to add to the flowy movement in your photos.


The utmost important thing EVER is to make sure you're comfortable in what you're wearing!!! Do not wear something you're not comfortable in- because that means you won't be comfortable in front of the camera getting your picture taken. If you're constantly tugging up your sleeveless dress or are afraid of having a wardrobe malfunction, that's going to show up in your photos. The entire point of this shoot is to focus on the incredible scenery, your significant other, and having a good time - and that won't happen if you are focused on uncomfortable clothing. It doesn't matter if you wear an outfit you're already super relaxed and confident in or if you go out and buy a new outfit to feel confident in - do what makes you the most happy and confident!!

If you need even more inspo, check out my Pinterest board here. I hope these tips help you to relax and pick out something you love!! If you need more advice or opinions, I'm more than happy to help choose outfits too and give more personalized advice.

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