• Emily Bean

Why a Bridal Session is a Must

"Whyyyyy do I need to bother taking bridal portraits?!" -something you've probably asked yourself when planning a wedding

Even THE most planned, detail-oriented wedding usually runs behind schedule. At a wedding, portraits are usually taken during crunch time right after the ceremony and right before the reception. You might finish taking pictures feeling slightly stressed and overwhelmed by all the pictures that were taken without being sure you'll love any of them.

SO - bridal photos are your answer!!! You get to take them on a totally separate day where you can take your time and get creative. Want photos with confetti? Or with balloons or at the beach even though your wedding is in the mountains or with a cathedral veil? Or all of the above. Bridals are your answer!!

Some tips for bridal portraits:

1 - Schedule your hair and makeup trial with your bridal session

2 - Choose a place that's special to you and/or your family. Examples could be your family farm, a dock from your favorite childhood vacation, or a place you've always dreamed about visiting

3 -Stay true to yourself, as cheesy as that may sound! If you're more of a natural kinda gal, keep it simple. If you love to get glammed up, go all out.

Was this helpful? If you're already married, do you have any other tips to add from your experience?

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