• Emily Bean

Winston-Salem, NC // Boho Styled Shootout

A few weeks ago, I attended the first ever Relentlessly So workshop! Despite the 10-hour roundtrip and literal 100 degree heat, it was SO. WORTH. IT. I met some new photographers and connected with each other, shot a variety of (fake) scenarios, and had some delicious food before hitting the road home. The hosts were awesome about being conscious of COVID-19 and had a limited amount of photographers and had us partnered up with only one other person to move from station to station. This was also good to not get someone else in my shot, and allowed my somewhat introverted self be comfortable! There was a station for wedding detail shots, a bridal shoot, a fake ceremony, a boudoir shoot, and a couple's shoot.

One of the biggest reasons I chose to invest in this workshop was the emphasis on diversity they advertised with having both LGBTQ+ models and BIPOC models. Although it's kind of hard to tell in my portfolio, diversity and being inclusive is extremely important to me and what I hope for my business to embody. In college, I studied diversity within the communications world (so, like, ads, commercials, within the workplace, etc.). And as a once extremely shy person (no longer though, I promise!), I know what it's like to be excluded and not feel comfortable around someone or a group. I hope to never ever make someone feel that way, especially in front of the camera!!

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