• Emily Bean

Woodbridge, Virginia // Leesylvania State Park || Adventurous Couples Session

Sara and I recently met through a Facebook group we're both in. She's also from northern Virginia and a recent college grad pursuing photography -- just like me! It was so fun to meet another photographer who was in the exact same boat as me; it was refreshing talking with her in how we're both trying to figure out life post-grad in these weird COVID-19 times. Sara volunteered herself and her boyfriend, Jonathan, to model for me in exchange of my boyfriend and I modeling for her afterwards. I figured it was a fair trade! ;)

Sara and Jonathan met in college through a club organization they were both in together. They started off as friends before making their relationship ~official~ just over two years ago.

During these photos, Sara and Jonathan braved the literal 100 degree heat (these were taken back in July when it was super super hot and humid for like a week straight), and even cooled off by getting in the water for me!! We had hiked a little ways to this secluded little beach spot at Leesylvania State Park and got to shooting. Despite the heat and humidity, Sara and Jonathan killllllled it!!

p.s. Check out Sara's own photography here #communityovercompetition

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